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Abandoned NC&STL Railway
Route Between Memphis, Jackson & Bruceton
and Perryville Branch

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

August 30, 2007 marked the 50th anniversary of NC&StL's final takeover by the L&N.

All other HTML pages have been shut down temporarily except this main page.  If you want to know more details of the NC&STL Paducah & Memphis Division history, drawings, timetables, depots, maps, pictures, etc., please send an email directly to Eric C. Fleet at  Thanks for your understanding and patience!

NC&STL Paducah & Memphis Division, Geographic Inforamtion System "npmGIS"
showing early main line, depots, trestles, buildings, mileposts, station names, signals and
Cordova, Jackson & Perryville Branches and today rail-to-trail of the Cordova Branch Greenway.

FREE  electronic file of npmGIS is now available. Make sure you must have the GoogleEarth software.

South half of Paducah and Memphis Division & Perryville Branch Map

The stations & locations below are in order from Memphis going east.
Memphis to Cordova (see next map below)
Lenow, Eads, Hickory Withe, Oakland, Warren, Somerville, Laconia, Ina, Whiteville, Vildo,
Hatchie, Sturdivant Crossing, Mercer, Denmark, Neely, End Of Line, Burkitt, River Yard Siding,
Jackson, East Union Spur, Rose Hill, Ranger, Beech Bluff, Luray, Huron, Lexington, Timberlake,
Wildersville, Yuma, Westport, Buena Visa and Bruceton

"Good Ole Days at Whiteville Depot" newsletter
FREE newsletter of Good Ole Days at Whiteville Depot is now available. It is 7 black & white
pictures on 3 pages. Send me email asking for a copy of the newsletter.

From Lexington going east on the Perryville Branch.
Lexington, Warren's Bluff, Parsons and Perryville

Map of Central Memphis & Cordova Branch of the CSXT (ex-NC&STL main line)

The stations & locations below are in order from Memphis going east.
NC&STL West Yard, Memphis Union Station, KC Junction, Bellevue Yard, Lenox, Aulon, Alta, Berclair, Wilson Spur,
I-240 Expressway, Mullins, Clay, Cordova, National Fire Works Tracks, Washed Out Trestle, End Of Line and Leewood Yard
Lenow to Bruceton and Perryville Branch (see next map above)

"The Cordova Branch Era" story
FREE  story of The Cordova Branch Era is now available. It is 15 colorful pictures on 10 pages about a brief history of NC&STL
main line in the early 1890's until the 1970's spur track of Cordova Branch of the L&N to CSXT became today's railroad abandonment
and the future of Cordova Depot.

This website was dedicated to my parents; for their Christmas 2005 gift because they told me many stories about NC&StL.

These pages were made using generous contributions from my parents, George & Betty Fleet. The other contributors were John Arnold, Greg Aylor, Drew Baumann, Charles & Barbara Blanton, Terry Coats, Mike Condren, Robbie Darnell, Kenton Dickerson, Mike Durff, David Ellenburg, James K. Enochs, Jr., Bill Folsom, Steve Forrest, Bob Garrison, Frank Greene, Jonathan Guy, Garry Harvey, Randy James, Steve Johnson, David Johnston, Mike Maple, Dennis Martin, Grayden Mazur, Jim Ozment, Rick Paddock, Richard Parker, Tom Parker, Bruce Pierce, David Porter, Scott Rathkamp, Bill Strong, Neil Stutzman, Clifton Wilmsmeyr, Joseph Yarbrough, Commercial Appeal, Shelby County Engineering Office, Somerville-Fayette County Library, The Gates Of Memphis and other photographers whose identity remains unknown.

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Today is and the time is in Memphis, Tennessee (Central Standard Time).

Photo in the background is looking west toward Mullins Station from a private driveway in west of Whitten Road at milepost ONI 216.53 taken in October 22, 2007 by Eric C. Fleet.

This webpage designed by Eric C. Fleet. If you have materials that you would like to contribute, contact me at